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Owner, Megan Forcey is excited to bring salt therapy to the Gainesville, FL area. After her first experience with halotherapy she felt drawn to the calming and cleansing impact of the salt room. 'My ultimate goal is to help people live their best life. Either by breathing deeply, having better skin, or just to find a calm place to be at peace.'
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Classes will take place in our room covered with Himalayan salt while you practice yoga, a low amount of pure sodium chloride will be aerated into the room. As you inhale the healing qualities of salt, your respiratory system will detoxify. Salt's natural qualities are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It's an all level class. Expect deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Participants will need to bring their yoga mat and a towel to go under it.
Join us for an hour long session as Lynn plays the crystal singing bowls in the adult salt room.

The body is a network of vibrational fields and energy currents. Each individual resonates at his or her own vibration. Sound is an acoustical wave while color is an electromagnetic wave. The colors of the rainbow correspond to a specific musical note. This is in the same way that each chakra of the body correlates with a specific tone and color.

Join Caitlyn for a group Reiki session inside the salt room. Reiki promotes relaxation and reconnects you with universal energy so you can heal from the inside out. Through this powerful form of energy healing, we are able to release that which is no longer serving us and go further in our healing journey. We will begin with a guided meditation that will walk you through some “self” Reiki. Then, Caitlyn will provide short individual healing experiences as you soak in the benefits of the salt room.
Join us for a special one-hour crystal meditation in the salt room. Caitlyn will lead you through a guided meditation centered around the properties of malachite. Malachite is believed to absorb negativity as it sends out healing, nurturing, soothing vibrations. It is a powerful cleanser for the emotional body, and can help you pinpoint what’s blocking your spiritual growth. As part of this experience, you will select a small tumbled piece of malachite that will be yours to keep.
Join Dave as he leads a 45-minute session guiding guests through various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person's mental, emotional, or physical state. This event is the perfect pairing with dry salt therapy as it aids in the movement of salt deeper into the respiratory system.