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Large Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

Large Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

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"Harmonizing Spiritual Energy" 1+ Inches Spiritual properties: Aids with cleansing the astral body, and enhancing mental clarity Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. It works like a "psychic or energetic vacuum cleaner" clearing the energetic environment of clutter, chaos, and astral contamination.

What do we love about Rainbow Fluorite? The powerful combination of energetic properties through layers. Purple

* Purification & Protection of the Aura Black

* Astral Cleanser Yellow

* Magnifies Mental Powers, Harmonizes Chaotic Energy Green

* Cleanses & Heals Heart Chakra Pink

* Cleanses & Heals Emotional Body Blue

* Spiritual Awakening, Communication Between Physical & Spiritual Planes.

Who’s it good for? Rainbow Fluorite should be a staple stone for those who are sensitive to energy, especially Empaths. It's a powerful stone if you are wanting to balance and stabilize your energetic field.